Top 5 Web Design Companies in Vancouver

4 Apr by jasondohring

Top 5 Web Design Companies in Vancouver

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Vancouver Web Design


If you are looking for an experienced Vancouver Web Design company such WittyCookie Vancouver, the following are the top companies to look into. These companies provide services ranging from branding and social media marketing to website design and SEO. Gravitate, a web design company in Vancouver, specializes in the medical, finance, B2B, and travel industries. Their team of professionals is composed of passionate UX/UI designers who use a multi-disciplinary approach to build websites.

Shop is a Vancouver web design company comprised of web developers, writers, and designers. Their design approach blends functionality with form to create sites that are engaging for both visitors and search engines. Their staff will work with you to understand your needs and then create a site design that fulfills them. They will also provide SEO services for your website as part of their overall marketing plan. They can handle both web development and social media marketing, so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Massive Media is a brand and digital accelerator with offices in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Their team of international experts works on digital strategy, web design, and advertising campaigns. They developed a website for a cultural arts festival after conducting research and interviews with users to refine the story and identity of the organization. Their work includes Google Ads campaigns, website development, and social media marketing. Their design efforts are based on user-centered web design, which helps connect with the target audience and ultimately generate revenue.

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