The Tongariro Crossing

1 Mar by jasondohring

The Tongariro Crossing

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The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a world heritage site and popular tramping track in New Zealand. A dual-status World Heritage site, the national park is recognized for its natural and cultural significance. The crossing is approximately a 15-kilometre walk, requiring two-way walking. For those who prefer the easier option, the cross-country section can be completed in under four hours. Those who are more adventurous may want to consider doing it in two or three days, but this is not recommended for the faint-hearted. This link –

Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Wikipedia

The first part of the Tongariro Crossing involves descending a steep slope of loose scree. It is not recommended for beginners, and the road drops 145 meters in just 0.4 kilometers. The descent will lead you past the Emerald Lakes, one of which is the largest. Another smaller lake is located below. This green lake is characterized by a high mineral concentration. The road is not suitable for cyclists.

To get to the Mangatepopo Valley, you must take a shuttle bus from the main road. Then, take a trail that leads to the Ngauruhoe Summit Track. You will spend an additional three hours at this track, so plan accordingly. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is not a short hike. You’ll need to plan for six to eight hours for the trip.

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