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7 May by jasondohring

What is the IGCSE?

The IGCSE is an international qualification, designed to give children of all abilities the opportunity to gain meaningful qualifications and a launchpad for their future educational opportunities. This course is designed to foster a passion for learning through real-life experiences, exploration, expression, and research. The programme is highly flexible and allows children to take up as many or as few subjects as they choose. Parents and teachers should discuss the best options for their children.

Prepare You For Exams In A Professional And Effective Manner

There are two types of IGCSE: the Core curriculum for those in Pre-IG classes, and the Extended curriculum for more academically able students. The Extended curriculum is a combination of Core curriculum and Supplement exams, and leads naturally into higher TWINS Education and professional training. It is generally taught from grades 10 to 12, with examinations covering the full range of ability. Some subjects have a broader range of grades, while others are graded at the highest point. Both GCSE and IGCSE courses have their advantages and disadvantages. The IGCSE is more challenging and offers greater opportunities to settle abroad, while the GCSE is more structured and internationally relevant. Students with an interest in the sciences can choose to take the IB MYP instead of the IGCSE. The differences between the two are small, however. In addition, the GCSE course content is typically intended for a British audience. For example, IGCSE English does not include Shakespeare.