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Driver Ed
Hello everyone! New episode aired. And you know what that means. There are new clips on the Season 2 page. I also added 140 screencaps to the gallery. I will add some clearer ones of Jason's scenes later.

I also wanted to point you in the direction of a couple interviews with Jason that can be found on the web. First, there is the Mars Investigations interview. There is also a great Q&A at TV Filter. Fair warning, mild season 2 spoilers are found in the second one. Very mild, but still there.

And last, next Monday the cast of Veronica Mars will be doing a signing to promote the Season 1 dvds which are being released on Tuesday.

From The Perishers website:

Monday, October 10th from 8-10pm
University of California in San Diego
Price Center Plaza
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA

The cast of Veronica Mars will be there with free food and drink and gift bag giveaways. Local radio station KBZT will be hosting the event. It promises to be a great evening - and it's all FREE! Don't miss it!
05 Oct 2005 by Melissa

Cold Case
There are now clips and caps of Jason's episode of Cold Case. Thank you, Beth, for making those possible. And speaking of videos, I am in the process of reorganizing the video page. Veronica Mars clips are now separate, a different page for each season. All of the other video clips are on a third page. Hopefully this will help to make the various available clips a little easier to find.
04 Oct 2005 by Melissa

New Look
In honor of the new season, I've obviously changed the look around here. Pardon any errors you may encounter while I get everything sorted out. But let me know what you think!
03 Oct 2005 by Melissa

New Affiliate
Just wanted to mention that the site has a new affiliate. Jenni Lou makes some of the most gorgeous wallpapers out there. Her site includes her art, resources, screencaps, and so much more. So be sure to check it out! Daydreaming
31 Jan 2006 by Melissa

2.11 Donut Run
And for something fairly unusual, the new clips for are up. And if you look to your right, so is the promo for next week's episode "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle." For those of you who had VM pre-empted, I hope this helps a little.
25 Jan 2006 by Melissa

Yes, it's all over the web by now, but I'm going to mention it here as well. As of next fall, UPN and the WB will cease to exist. Instead, they will join together to form a new network called CW. What does this mean for Veronica Mars? No one can be certain at this point in time but I'd say the outlook is favorable. Every article out there mentions VM in a positive light. But we'll just have to wait and see. You can CBS official statement for more information.

In other news, there will soon be another JD interview out there. Have a question you'd like answered? Be sure to submit it!

And guys...don't forget! New episode tonight! (Like you could forget)
24 Jan 2006 by Melissa

New Exclusives
I have added a lot of little things all around the site. I have added a lot of pictures to the gallery and will continue to do so. But speaking of pictures, Christina Radish shared another exclusive photo with us, this one from the CBS/UPN Winter Press Tour Party that took place on January 18th. Thanks Christina! Words simply cannot express my gratitude.

I also added a page for the Marsathon. I will be writing up a review specifically for the site but for now you can find links to a few detailed reviews and a couple video clips courtesy of a couple of friends. And speaking of the Marsathon, I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to those of you who contributed quotes to my quote book. The book turned out really amazing and I couldn't have done it without you all. So thank you for encouraging me and my crazy little ideas. I appreciate it.
22 Jan 2006 by Melissa

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