Wow, There is snow in GTA V PC version!

gta 5 snow


Grand Theft Auto or more often called GTA is a popular controversial game that the more loved by gamers, because presenting extreme action-adventure gameplay interesting and somewhat addictive.

Moreover, recently the fifth series of GTA, GTA V, has just been released for the PC by presenting some additional content and improved graphics and a few other details.

GTA V PC version did not escape the touch of a hand jahil` “ gatal` gamers who want mengoprek the look and content of this game by doing mod, such as health level characters can make this game be unlimited, and also making supplies such as ammo, money and other becomes infinite.

Citing information website Gamespot, it turns out there is one unique modding methods that have been undertaken by a modder to turn this game into a snowy weather. Modder who have ECB2 username is also uploading videos GTA V gameplay filled with snow on his YouTube account.

Not only this game environments are changed to snow, also includes objects that are around like cars, trees, and plants turned out to be covered by snow.

This certainly shows the environment mod GTA V, cash turned into a typical environment with an atmosphere full winter snow and fog.

For those of you who want to customize the weather in GTA V gameplay becomes snowy, you can download a mod file available at several sites online modding. However, you need to be careful when downloading files from an untrusted source to the computer. Another great thing i want to share is about GTA 5 Hack Tool , this will make you easier to win the game , so dont miss it .

Party game Rockstar as the developer is also still not sure that GTA V PC version can run all mod code properly and smoothly. So, if you want to do a mod to GTA V game, should think in advance if you do not want to happen risks on your PC.

The World’s 5 Smallest Mobile

The rapid development of technology to encourage manufacturers of mobile (phone) create the latest breakthrough in terms of design and size of its handsets.

Size is an absolute benchmark in the mobile phone users use these devices. The more thin and small, it is more comfortable to grip.

However, what if the phone is created instead emerged with a size too small? Is it still comfortable to hold and used?

According to information cited from page Compare My Mobile, Friday (07/03/2015), there are five (5) phones with the most `smallest size` in the world. Curious what? Consider the following full review.


phone 1

NEC N930

NEC N930 mobile phone is one of the dwarf who was also very difficult to be found in retail outlets seller of mobile phones.

This phone weighs 72 grams and the dimensions of the screen size of 85.5 x 54 x 11.9 mm. NEC N930 has a small mobile phone design concept but still maintaining a stylish and compact design. The phone is available in two colors, namely black and silver.


phone 2

Xun Chi 138

Phones from China is ranked fourth because it has a weight of 55 grams. Even so, Xun Chi 138 features a touch screen and handwriting recognition technology for its ease of writing. Because the handset is too small to bring up the keyboard, then the handwriting feature is promoted for use on this phone.

Xun Chi 138 has a 1.33-inch screen and is also able to run a MP3 player, camera and video recorder. The phone is available in two colors: white pink and white Tosca.

phone 3

Modu Mobile

Modu Mobile entered into the list of World’s Smallest mobile phones, not only that, this phone is also entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and was recorded as the lightest cell phone until 2013.

The weight of this phone is only of 40 grams and has the dimensions of a super tiny, ie 72 x 37 x 7.8 mm. The size of this phone was almost equal to the size of a credit card. Although the size of this phone is so small, it does not mean users can not use the various features available in this phone.

Modu Mobile actually still be used to call, send SMS messages, play MP # and even take photos

phone 4

Willcom WX06A

Japan’s mobile phone output has a weight of 32 grams and dimensions of 32 x 70 x 10.7 mm only. Willcom WX06A comes in three attractive colors, namely white, pink and black.

Because pegged size so small, unfortunately Willcom WX06A has no camera and mobile phone battery capacity is only set up to 2 hours. However, you can still send SMS messages, phone calls, and even send an email.

phone 5

BMW Key Fob PhoneSmallest cell phone as champion actually achieved by the world’s leading car manufacturer, BMW. Yes, BMW apparently also includes all mobile device manufacturers are presenting a series of Key Fob Phone size is very small in the realm of mobile phones.

Because of the tiny mobile phone, various sources can not reveal how much weight and dimensions are accurate for this phone.

However, there are unique facts that came out of this phone series, it was revealed that BMW Key Fob Phone is often used by the prisoners in the UK because it has the form of a small cell phone that looks like a key and easy to tuck.

They often use this phone to contact colleagues outside of prison. In fact, in the UK, if the prisoner caught using a mobile phone, they will be charged an additional penalty of two years imprisonment.

The latest information coming from all British prisons noted that there are 7000 BMW Key Fob Phone handsets were arrested for getting caught are used by the prisoners.